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Fastmetrics is a business phone, managed email and Network Solutions provider. Fastmetrics maintains its own network services and manages all partner networks for optimal data and voice quality. From last mile connectivity to phone services and hosted solutions, we can help with a holistic approach over a managed network. We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, and have customers all over the United States.

Based upon your business needs, Fastmetrics can offer you a variety of solutions. The process starts by analyzing your current setup in your office. Your current network configuration coupled with the number of employees in your office will affect how much bandwidth your company needs to work efficiently. If you have employees that access resources on your local network from a remote location (Remote Access), then you will benefit from having a T1 or higher connection in your work place.

Fastmetrics Prioritized Traffic

Once Fastmetrics has installed a broadband connection into your office, we then migrate your E-Mail to our servers. Integrating your Broadband, Phone, & Mail services into one package allows us to allocate the amount of bandwidth your company needs for each individual service. For some companies, mail is the most important element, and for others it could be your phones. Combine, and Unwind!

Managed Email Hosting (Powered By Communigate®)

MS Exchange® compatible hosting includes Shared Calendaring, Contacts, Notes, and Tasks using an integrated MAPI connector.

Share folders between users and groups, utilize the dynamic web mail interface, and enhance your productivity with Fastmetrics chat services.

These services are proven to increase productivity in the work place and to maximize efficiency.

Managed VoIP (Powered by Communigate®)
Fastmetrics prioritizes your VoIP traffic so your calls are crystal clear. We work directly with AT&T® and Verizon® to provide lightning fast connections to your business.

Broadband Connectivity (Powered by AT&T®, Verizon®, & Covad®)
Fastmetrics does NOT treat your pipe like a single connection. Rather we maintain different classes of service, one for Voice, Email, web, and general internet traffic. That means voice packets always reach the end-user phone faster for higher sound quality. Email is higher priority then web browsing, that means smooth shared contacts, shared folders, etc.
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