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We're more than money. We're not just a financing company that provides accounts receivable funding. We're professionals that deliver on what we propose. What we propose is what you receive, with NO hidden fees and NO surprises. Anchor Funding ServicesTM, LLC, is a financial services company dedicated to serving the financing needs of small businesses across the United States. We recognize your needs because our Executive Management Team has extensive experience building businesses and helping other businesses.

Expert Credit & Collection Services

Our programs provide our expert credit screening process whereby we tell you how credit worthy your customer is. It's difficult for your business to absorb a bad debt. We advise you to assist in preventing you from taking a credit loss. Our initial credit screening literally takes minutes, so you know if you can proceed and fill an order - on demand.

We provide immediate cash to your business by purchasing your accounts receivable.

How it works:

1. We credit check your customers and establish a credit limit. Our initial credit screening process literally takes minutes so you can fill orders on demand. Most important, the process saves you money because it assists in preventing you from doing business with companies that will not pay you.
2. Once you prepare your invoices for your customers, you send them to us with proof of delivery or proof that your service was performed.
3. We verify that your client received your product or you performed a service.
4. We mail your invoices and give you cash equal to a predetermined percentage of your invoices, less our fees, typically within 24 hours of verification (Step 3)
5. Your customers remit payment to our lockbox. We wire any collections to you, less our fees, that have not already been advanced to you in Step 4.
6. You have a dedicated Account Executive to assist you on your account, and you have 24/7 access to our on-line computer system that allows you to monitor your account in real time.
7. We manage and collect your accounts receivable saving you the time and money that you would incur if you did it yourself.
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