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We specialize in accounts receivable invoice factoring, and purchase order financing. Platinum Funding Group, a factoring company, has staked out a unique niche in the finance industry. We specialize in accounts receivable factoring, invoice factoring, and purchase order financing. We effectively and rapidly increase our client's working capital and improve their cash flow and liquidity needs, essential to the lifeline of any business.

Long Term Success
Platinum stands out among other factoring companies because we are strongly committed and dedicated to the long-term success of your business through of our factoring services. As an invoice factoring company, we view you as a partner and we pride ourselves on being a factor in your success and in your growth strategy.

Personal Factor
Each of Platinum's clients benefits from a high level of account receivables management. This encompasses personal and individualized attention to your unique cash flow needs along with the tight monitoring and administration of efficient accounts receivable turnover.

Partnering with a factoring company, such as Platinum Funding Group, for our invoice factoring services and accounts receivable financing could be the key to your long-term success and prosperity, particularly for small to mid-sized companies. Globally, invoice factoring frees up billions of dollars every year, facilitating positive cash flows thus enabling thousands of businesses to focus on their growth strategies.

Accounts receivable factoring is the process of selling your invoices. It rapidly turns receivables into cash and leads to efficient accounts receivable turnover, eliminating stress, waiting and worrying. This provides the seeds for your long-term growth.

As a factoring company, Platinum has the financial resources to provide factoring for small to mid-sized companies. Our structure allows us to offer personalized and reliable accounts receivable management tailored specifically to our client's individual needs.

Our combination of financial strength, personalized service, and over 15 years of success, sets us apart from other factoring companies and places Platinum Funding Group in a class of its own. We specialize in invoice factoring and purchase order financing, greatly advantageous for growing companies that may not have access to traditional financing sources. We provide our clients with an unlimited factoring ceiling. When partnering with a factoring company such as Platinum, you need not be concerned about the loss of equity or ownership in your company.

Our highly skilled and dedicated executives have years of experience in the finance industry at factoring companies. They possess the required knowledge and expertise needed to offer customized accounts receivable management services, which satisfy the individual needs of our clients and help make us a leader in the industry. Our creative approach to accounts receivable factoring is entirely customer driven and personalized. Our clients are confident knowing Platinum will develop the most flexible and tailor-made financing solutions for their invoice factoring. Our innovative financial products and services are second to none.

We believe in fostering strong relationships with each of our funding companies and developing a meaningful understanding of your unique needs and your marketing opportunities. Platinum Funding Group is a company with wide-ranging and out of the box solutions and factoring services, including, but not limited to invoice factoring, Tri-Party Agreement, and purchase order financing. Platinum Funding Group, a direct flexible factoring source, is able to reach decisions rapidly and provide immediate factoring for our clients. Clients come to us not only for the customized accounts receivable factoring we provide, but also for the stability, professionalism and confidence we offer.
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