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Rexford Funding® is an invoice factoring company that puts working capital in your hands. We are a leading national accounts receivable finance company that helps growing businesses increase their working capital.

Companies use invoice funding when cash flow is low due to clients paying slowly. Rexford Funding® offers working capital with a quick turnaround. We fund all verified invoices from approved customers within 24 hours. Quick turnaround is one of the main reasons businesses choose us over other factoring companies. Rexford's invoice funding programs can provide your business with funds for any business cash flow need including: payroll expense, taxes due, new equipment acquisitions, inventory purchases, suppliers discounts, and marketing expenditures. Our customers all find that these advantages more than offset the financing costs of Rexford's invoice funding program.

We work with companies in all stages of development, including small-to mid-size companies with limited histories. Even pure start-ups qualify for one of our flexible programs. Invoice financing is invaluable to small and growing businesses because it allows them to receive asset based lending, even when their assets are limited. With invoice financing, your company's real assets - your promised future payments for goods or services - can actually be used as real assets. The process depends more on the credit-worthiness of your customer than on your company's credit history. Many new and startup entrepreneurs are unaware of the cash flow management power this can provide, but it is a quick process, which in most cases will turn your invoices into cash within 24 hours or less.

Why our Clients Use Factoring As a Powerful Financial Solution
Factoring companies use invoice funding when cash flow is low due to clients paying slowly. Factoring with Rexford funding is fast easy and affordable. We provide working capital with a quick turnaround and unparalleled support.

Invoice Financing
Trust Rexford to be your long term factoring partner to ensure that all of your cash flow goals will be met. We work with companies in all stages of development.

Factoring Benefits
Factoring is a flexible financial tool that can help your business achieve its goals by improving your cash flow and increasing your working capital without incurring new or additional debt.

Factoring Brokers
Rexford Funding® is committed to supporting, training and developing cash flow brokers and intermediaries to realize financial success in the specialized financial field of factoring. Rexford Funding will help you to earn and learn.
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